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Mentoring for Youth and Young Adults During Re-entry from Confinement


Mentoring designed individuals residing in, family/guardian residential homes, confinement facilities, and shelters.


Mentoring/Counseling individuals who require a degree of behavioral and/or mental intervention/attention/supervision.


Services are designed to support the individual's growth development.

Assisting with:

  • making positive decisions.

  • achieving personal goals.

  • developing relationships.

  • permanent job placement.

  • educational resources.

  • teaching/mentoring individually and in group settings.

  • become familiar with, engage and become members of the community.

  • promote anti-teen pregnancy and help/education for teens who are moms/dads.

Providing mentoring programs that will generally drive positive outcomes for youth in the following areas:

Juvenile Reform/

Employment and Entrepreneurship Skills/

Healthy Decision-Making and Social Awareness/

Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, and Self-Efficacy/

Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

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