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Educational Resources

Educational Resources


Our learning resources contain texts, videos, software, and other materials that teachers use to assist students to meet the expectations for learning defined by provincial or local curricula. WCHS support the development and distribution of eminence learning resources in all media, across all ages, for all educational settings. We provide a rich array of innovative educational materials for formal classroom instruction and personal learning outside the school, touching virtually every school, teacher, student, and family. We acknowledge that students can’t learn from one type of instructional material alone and believe that it’s the educators, parents, and administrators who can best determine what content will be effective for learners.  Our learning program involves reading, study strategies, note taking, and language development to assist participants to achieve academic excellence.

Learning resources include:

Classroom style seminars/workshops

Textbooks (print and digital)


Manipulatives (blocks, beads, etc.)


Educator workshops

Non-fiction books

Educational games

Online courses
Activity books
Graphic novels
Reference books (GED, Secondary)
Magazines & periodicals

Study guides
Televisions shows
Maps & atlases


Some topics of discussion include:

Bullying Prevention and how to stop the nature and causes of bullying behavior. We use interactive learning games and lessons. (Perfect for schools, PAL Clubs, Youth programs and Churches who want to engage in teaching and creating safe environments for children

Young Adult:

Domestic Violence:

Prevention and how to deal with it. We offer many resources which includes, methods of recognizing abuse, support programs/groups and self-awareness.

Community/Social Awareness:

Becoming and staying involved with your community in a positive aspect.

Youth and Young Adult:

  • Challenging life transitions.

  • Decreased likelihood of initiating drug/alcohol abuse.

  • Healthier relationships and lifestyle choices.

  • Improved Interpersonal Skills

  • Improved behavior.

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